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How much does car insurance cost in Riverside?

The cost of car insurance in Riverside for a six-month policy is an average of $985, which equates to an average monthly cost of $164. Wawanesa is currently the most affordable option for car insurance in Riverside, with a rate of $563 for a six-month policy. Drivers in the city pay more than the California average of $966 every six months as well as more than the national average of $880.

According to our customers in Riverside, 32% of them are currently paying too much for car insurance. If you are one of them or simply need help finding the right coverage, continue reading to discover how to secure a reasonable rate based on factors like credit score and coverage level.

Car Insurance in Riverside vs. California Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
California Average $966
Riverside Average $985

The cheapest car insurance companies in Riverside

1st place medal
1st place: Wawanesa

Wawanesa has the cheapest coverage in Riverside at $94 per month or $563 for a six-month policy.

2nd place medal
2nd place: GEICO

In second place is GEICO, with rates of $721 per six-month policy. This breaks down to about $120 on a monthly basis.

3rd place medal
3rd place: USAA

The third cheapest company on our list is USAA. On average, a USAA policy in Riverside costs $799 per six-month policy. However, not everyone is eligible for USAA coverage, so be sure to check if you qualify.

The Zebra's key takeaways about car insurance in Riverside:

  • The average cost of a car insurance policy in Riverside is $985 per six-month policy — $164 per month.
  • The cheapest company in Riverside is Wawanesa, a regional carrier serving California and Oregon ($94/month).
  • 32% of Zebra customers in Riverside stated they used our product because they were paying too much for car insurance.

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?

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Riverside car insurance rates by company

Wawanesa, a regional carrier servicing Oregon and California, is the cheapest car insurance company for full coverage in Riverside, according to our 2024 data. An average policy with Wawanesa costs $94 per month or $563 per six-month policy, while the second most affordable option is GEICO at $120 per month or $721 for a six-month policy. To find out more about the best car insurance companies according to The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey, keep reading.


Cheapest car insurance companies in Riverside, CA
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Wawanesa $553
GEICO $721
USAA $799
Mercury $842
Progressive $962
Nationwide $1,086
Allstate $1,129
State Farm $1,146

The Zebra’s Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool data methodology

The Zebra’s Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool for home and auto insurance rates utilizes the latest ZIP code-level rate filings from across the U.S., sourced from Quadrant Information Services and S&P Global. These filings, typically updated annually or biennially by insurers, are verified through Quadrant’s QA process and then integrated into The Zebra’s estimator.

The displayed rates are based on a dynamic home and auto profile designed to reflect the content of the page. This profile is tailored to match specific factors such as age, location, and coverage level, which are adjusted based on the page content to show how these variables can impact premiums.

For a comprehensive understanding, see our detailed methodology.

Shop around for the best rates

To find the best and most affordable car insurance in Riverside, you need to compare rates from various top providers. Don't fret — our comparison tool does the heavy lifting for you. Simply enter your ZIP code to see rates from Progressive, Allstate, GEICO, USAA, and other top carriers to help you make an informed decision.

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Average car insurance in Riverside by rating factor

The rating factors used by car insurance companies in Riverside are numerous and diverse. Factors like age, driving history, and credit score are among the most common, and they can significantly impact policy premiums. While certain insurers may prioritize certain factors over others, all rating factors are crucial when it comes to calculating policy rates.

Getting older or experiencing changes in your personal profile might lead to a different car insurance company being the best fit for you, making it crucial to obtain periodic quotes and verify that you're still receiving optimal rates. In the end, Riverside could emerge as your ideal location for car insurance.

Q: I didn't have an accident — Why is my insurance going up?

A: End-of-year earnings (the balance of premiums versus claims paid out) is a key factor in determining car insurance rates in Riverside. Even if you haven't filed any claims, you could still be paying more for insurance due to the cost of doing business in the area. It's important to understand how these factors impact your premiums and to compare rates from multiple insurers to find the best policy for your needs.

Auto insurance premiums by age in Riverside

Although insurance companies may prioritize rating factors differently, age is typically the most significant factor when it comes to determining car insurance rates in Riverside. Young drivers are often seen as high-risk due to their lack of experience on the road, resulting in higher premiums. In Riverside, the difference in rates paid by teen drivers and drivers in their 20s is $2,618 per year; the highest such difference of any two age groups.

It's important to understand that insurance companies are in the business of risk management, and as unfair as it may seem, they often charge higher rates for teen drivers in Riverside. By doing so, they can offset the increased cost of paying out claims for young and inexperienced drivers. While it may feel frustrating for teen drivers and their parents, it's important to keep in mind that these rating factors are used to accurately assess risk and ensure fair pricing for all drivers.

Cheapest car insurance companies for teen drivers in Riverside, CA
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Wawanesa $924
GEICO $1,695
USAA $1,761
State Farm $2,020
Mercury $2,042
Progressive $2,383
Allstate $2,482
Nationwide $3,466
Age Bracket Cheapest Companies Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
20s Wawanesa $606
30s Wawanesa $484
40s Wawanesa $484
50s Wawanesa $484
60s Wawanesa $484
70s Wawanesa $475

Zebra Tip: The cheapest companies for Riverside drivers between 20-40 are Wawanesa, GEICO and USAA.

According to our data, drivers between the ages of 20-40 make up the majority of drivers in Riverside. On average, this group pays $1,127 every six months for car insurance. However, by comparing rates from different providers, drivers in this age group may be able to save up to 46% on their car insurance premiums.

Auto insurance premiums for minimum coverage in Riverside

The coverages you choose in your auto insurance policy play a major role in your monthly premium. While minimum coverage is the cheapest option available, it also offers the least amount of protection. Some Riverside drivers have opted for the state minimum coverage, and while this may fulfill legal requirements, it can leave gaps in coverage that can be costly in the event of an accident.

If you want a more comprehensive auto insurance policy, collision and comprehensive coverage are the way to go. While they offer greater protection, they come at a higher cost. Known as "full coverage" when purchased together, each type of coverage requires a deductible. The deductible you choose will impact your rates, as a higher deductible will result in lower rates.

While collision and comprehensive coverage are important for protecting your vehicle, additional coverages like roadside assistance and uninsured motorist coverage can provide additional protection in case of emergencies or accidents. While they will increase your overall premium, they are recommended by The Zebra's experts to ensure you have the coverage you need.

Q: Can I lower my car insurance coverage?

A: Possibly — if your vehicle is paid off.

When it comes to car insurance, owners of vehicles in Riverside may want to consider if they should drop comprehensive or collision coverage if they aren't leasing or financing their vehicle. The value of your car is an important factor to consider, and if it's worth less than $4,000, dropping these coverages could be a smart financial move. Just remember that you will be responsible for any repair costs if you do so.

Cheapest car insurance companies for minimum coverage in Riverside, CA
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
GEICO $200
USAA $228
Wawanesa $247
Progressive $272
Mercury $287
Nationwide $348
Allstate $376
State Farm $377
  • Minimum: State liability coverage only
  • Basic: State liability + collision and comprehensive (full) coverage
  • Better: Better liability limits at 50/100/50. Full coverage included with towing and rental car benefits. This might include additional personal medical benefits and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Best: Best liability limits at 100/300/50. Full coverage included with better towing and rental car benefits, better personal medical benefits and increased uninsured/underinsured coverage.

45% of The Zebra's customers in Riverside choose the basic level of coverage, but it may not be right for you. Carrying the minimum level of coverage will definitely bring insurance costs down — but is it too risky? That's for you to decide, but keep in mind that by carrying the bare minimum you could be responsible paying for damages beyond your liability limits.

California's minimum coverage is 15/30/5. This means you're required to carry liability insurance for damage you cause up to $15,000 per person in bodily injury, $30,000 per accident in bodily injury and $5,000 for property damage. This would probably be enough in a straightforward situation or fender-bender, but if there is an accident involving multiple vehicles or physical injuries it likely won't be enough coverage.

Learn more about insurance laws in California.

Riverside car insurance rates by credit score

In most states, a driver's credit score is an important factor in determining what they'll pay for auto insurance. Poor credit is associated with higher risk behind the wheel and lapses in coverage, so insurance companies take this into consideration. However, using a driver's credit score to influence premiums is considered discriminatory in California. It is therefore not used as a rating factor when determining how much you'll pay for auto insurance in Riverside. 

car insurance in Riverside by credit score

Auto insurance rates with an at-fault accident

Among all types of insurance claims, at-fault accidents and other collisions are the most frequent. These types of claims can significantly raise your insurance rates, with a serious at-fault accident increasing average rates in Riverside by about $120 per month. After an at-fault accident, the cheapest insurance company in Riverside is Wawanesa.

Maintaining a clean driving record is the best way to keep your car insurance rates low. All violations can result in rate increases, but some have a greater impact than others, such as speeding, accidents, and DUIs/DWIs. These citations will remain on your record and affect your premium for three to five years in Riverside, depending on the severity of the violation.

Cheapest car insurance companies after an at-fault accident in Riverside, CA
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Wawanesa $832
USAA $1,135
GEICO $1,303
Mercury $1,456
Nationwide $1,587
State Farm $1,812
Progressive $1,897
Allstate $2,462

Riverside car insurance rates by violation

Violation type will affect your rates. Check out the table below to see how much your insurance premiums can increase after different citations in Riverside.

Car insurance rate increases after violations and citations in Riverside, CA
Accident/Violation Avg. 6 Mo. Premium % Rate Increase $ Rate Increase
Two Med/PIP claims $985 0% $0
One Med/PIP claim $985 0% $0
One comp claim $985 0% $0
Two comp claims $985 0% $0
None $985 0% $0
Not-at-fault accident $990 1% $5
At-fault accident - less than $1000 $1,007 2% $22
Failure to show documents $1,298 32% $313
Driving with expired registration $1,306 33% $321
Driving without lights $1,307 33% $322
Failure to wear a seat belt $1,310 33% $325
Child safety restraint $1,314 33% $329
Speeding 16 - 20 MPH over limit $1,375 40% $389
Speeding 11 - 15 MPH over limit $1,375 40% $389
Following too closely $1,377 40% $392
Illegal turn $1,377 40% $392
Failure to stop at a red light $1,377 40% $392
Speeding 6 - 10 MPH over limit $1,379 40% $393
Speeding in school zone $1,379 40% $393
In 65 MPH zone $1,379 40% $393
Driving too slowly $1,379 40% $393
Failure to yield $1,379 40% $393
Speeding 21 - 25 MPH over limit $1,381 40% $395
Texting while driving $1,382 40% $397
Cell phone violation $1,382 40% $397
Improper passing $1,395 42% $410
Passing school bus $1,418 44% $433
Wrong way/wrong lane $1,642 67% $656
At-fault accident - greater than $2000 $1,705 73% $720
At-fault accident - $1000-$2000 $1,705 73% $720
Operating a vehicle without permission $1,712 74% $726
Open container $1,834 86% $848
Driving with a suspended license $2,102 113% $1,117
Reckless driving $2,454 149% $1,469
Racing $2,472 151% $1,487
Leaving scene of an accident/hit and run $2,491 153% $1,506
Refusal to submit to a chemical test $2,565 160% $1,580
DUI $2,565 160% $1,580

Why is car insurance in Riverside so expensive?

Our data shows that car insurance rates in Riverside are lower than many other cities in California but slightly higher than the state's average. However, the city's population density and the high cost of repairs are factors that contribute to the rates. It's important to keep in mind that individual factors play a significant role in determining rates, meaning your premium could be high because of your driving history or the demographic you fall into. Here's a breakdown of why car insurance can be expensive in Riverside.


Your location in Riverside is another factor that can affect your car insurance rates. While individual factors such as driving history and demographics play a significant role in determining rates, the neighborhood you live in can also impact premium calculations. Crime rates, theft, and uninsured motorists vary by ZIP code, so some areas of the city are riskier for insurance companies. If you live in a high-crime area, you will likely pay more for car insurance than someone who lives in a safer neighborhood. But the difference between the cheapest ZIP code and the most expensive ZIP code in Riverside is only about $23 per month. 


Weather risks

California has one of the most comfortable climates around, but it also deals with some extreme weather from time to time, which can raise insurance rates drastically. California actually ranked #1 on the list of top states for wildfires in 2021, with over 2 million acres burned.[1] Although the city center itself may not be especially at risk, the area around Riverside is especially vulnerable. Consider comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle investment in the event of a natural disaster such as a wildfire. 

Number of drivers

Riverside, being a large city, offers various transportation options. The city has a bus system, and the downtown area is bike and electric scooter-friendly. However, driving a personal vehicle is still the primary mode of transportation. With more drivers on the road, the likelihood of accidents increases, which contributes to rising insurance costs. Riverside's proximity to Los Angeles also means more people traveling through the area, which adds risk even if those drivers don't live in Riverside proper. 

According to our data, about 31% of drivers in Riverside are not currently insured. You could be responsible for damages if you find yourself hit by an uninsured driver— you can always protect yourself with uninsured motorist coverage on your insurance policy.

Zebra Tip: Consider carrying UMPD and comprehensive coverage

Although California is known more for droughts and wildfires, consider that when it does rain it can often rain hard and fast enough to cause flash flooding. Flooding is covered by comprehensive coverage, so it may be worth carrying to protect yourself from various extreme weather situations, even if your car is paid off.

Uninsured motorist property damage (UMPD) is also good to have on your policy in areas with high number of uninsured drivers. If you get into an accident with someone lacking adequate coverage, you could end up footing the bill for damages to your vehicle, so UMPD is an option to help safeguard you in that situation.

Bundling insurance policies in Riverside

To save on your insurance policy in Riverside, be sure to check out discounts offered by your provider. Insurance companies typically offer a multi-policy discount, which allows policyholders to save if they insure two or more policies with the same company. Many applicants opt to bundle their home and car insurance in order to qualify for this discount.

Should you possess or require a policy to safeguard your residence, taking the initiative to bundle said policy with your auto provider in Riverside can prove to be a worthwhile endeavor. Alternatively, exploring the option of obtaining both policies from a fresh insurance carrier may present an opportunity to secure a discount.



bundling home and auto insurance in Riverside
Cheapest car insurance companies for bundling home and auto insurance in Riverside, CA
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Wawanesa $553
GEICO $721
USAA $723
Mercury $723
Nationwide $819
Progressive $825
State Farm $905
Allstate $1,108

If you're looking to make your insurance profile more appealing to insurers in Riverside, there are a few things you can do. One of the best pieces of advice we offer is to shop around and compare auto insurance quotes with as many companies as possible. This can help you find the most affordable rate without compromising coverage or service. Additionally, consider making changes to any personal factors that may affect your premium, such as improving your credit score or moving to a safer neighborhood. If all else fails, don't be afraid to switch to a more affordable provider.

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Frequently asked questions

Riverside residents can expect to pay an average of $985 every six months for full coverage car insurance, according to our data. Keep in mind that this number can vary based on individual driving profiles.

Riverside drivers are required to carry the minimum liability coverage in California, which includes $15,000 per person bodily injury, 30,000 per accident bodily injury, and $5,000 per accident property damage coverage.

Riverside drivers can save on their car insurance by choosing regional carrier Wawanesa as their provider. Wawanesa is a regional company that only serves drivers in California and Oregon. With an average auto insurance policy cost of $563 for six months, Wawanesa is the cheapest car insurance company available to Riverside drivers.

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