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Does car insurance get more expensive when you buy a pickup truck?

The average sedan costs $102 less per six-month policy to insure than does a truck — and costs nearly $9,000 less up front. This cost difference occurs as a result of their varying attributes and the way insurance companies interpret the risk involved with covering each. Because they may cause more damage in an accident — and cost more to repair or replace — trucks pose a substantial financial risk to an insurance company. Thus, the insurer protects itself by charging a higher premium for these vehicles. Let’s outline the average cost of insuring some of America's most popular sedans and pickup trucks.


Which is cheaper: car or sedan?
  1. Trucks vs cars: MSRP comparison
  2. Trucks vs cars: insurance price comparison
  3. How to save on auto insurance


Is it cheaper to buy a truck or sedan?

On average, it is nearly $9,000 cheaper to buy a sedan than it is to purchase a truck. Average sales prices of popular sedans range from $12,360 (Nissan Versa) to $27,800 (Ford Taurus), giving sedans an average cost of ownership of $19,667. 

The cheapest pickup truck is the Nissan Frontier, with a price tag of $18,990. The Chevy Silverado has the heftiest MSRP: $37,600.

Sedan MSRP
Pickup Truck MSRP
Ford Fiesta - $14,260
Chevrolet Colorado - $21,300
Chevrolet Sonic - $15,420
GMC Sierra - $29,600
Volkswagen Passat - $25,295
Toyota Tacoma - $25,700
Volkswagen Jetta - $18,745
Ford F-Series - $28,155
Nissan Versa - $12,360
Chevrolet Silverado - $37,600
Ford Focus - $17,950
Nissan Frontier - $18,990
Ford Fusion - $22,840
Honda Ridgeline - $29,990
Ford Taurus - $27,800
Ram P-U - $33,190
Nissan Altima - $23,900
Toyota Tundra - $31,520
Mazda 3 - $18,095
Nissan Titan - $30,590


Up-front costs aren't the only sacrifice you'll need to make to purchase a truck. Pickup trucks commonly cost more to insure than do their smaller counterparts. We'll dive into the data below.


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Is car insurance cheaper for a truck or sedan?

As you might expect, trucks are more expensive to insure than a sedan. The monthly gap in car insurance costs between pickup trucks and cars is $102. If you’re looking for a cheap sedan to insure, consider the Ford Fiesta. In addition to boasting the second lowest MSRP among popular sedans, the Ford Fiesta costs just $114 per month to insure.

Sedan 6-Month Premiums
Truck 6-Month Premiums
Chevrolet Sonic - $687
Chevrolet Colorado - $707
Nissan Versa - $705
GMC Sierra - $737
Volkswagen Passat - $703
Toyota Tacoma - $738
Ford Fiesta - $683
Chevrolet Silverado - $766
Ford Fusion - $713
Nissan Frontier - $769
Ford Taurus - $725
Ram - $893
Nissan Altima - $750
Ford F-Series - $758
Volkswagen Jetta - $704
Honda Ridgeline - $873
Ford Focus - $710
Nissan Titan - $1,016
Mazda 3 - $772
Toyota Tundra - $908


The Ford Fiesta and the cheapest truck, the Chevy Colorado, have a difference of just $3 in monthly auto insurance expenditure. 

Ways to save

The best way to save on car insurance is to shop around every six months. If you’re not sure whether you want to buy a sedan or a truck, you can find a bargain by comparing insurance prices by make and model. Enter your ZIP code below to see rates and estimates personalized based on your driving profile.


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