Stay safe while driving with ICSPA

Introducing the In-Car Selfie Prevention Alarm, or ICSPA, a new vanity monitoring technology brought to you by The Zebra.

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ICSPA by The Zebra

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So, how does ICSPA work?

ICSPA monitors for high levels of vanity within a vehicle, such as how often drivers check themselves out in the rearview mirror, how many photos are in their smartphones’ selfie albums, and even how many cosmetic products are in the vicinity.

ICSPA employs a “kill switch” on smartphones if narcissism reaches peak levels. Drivers then have to humble themselves to re-engage the engine. In this way, ICSPA helps curb distracted driving and makes our roads safer.

What ICSPA users say

ICSPA is great!

"I recently almost hit a pedestrian because I was reapplying my lipstick and taking a selfie as I approached a stop sign. That was my wake-up call to get ICSPA. I feel much more confident now knowing that my ICSPA is always in my car."

— Clara G

ICSPA is great!

"I like the way I look—not gonna lie about that. So while I may not stop taking selfies, I will take them safely. ICSPA holds me accountable."

— Niall R

DISCLAIMER: This product is totally not real. So...April Fools!

Distracted driving, however, is real. April begins Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and The Zebra wants drivers to be aware of the dangers of all types of distracting driving, not just in-car vanity. To see stats on distracted driving and to learn more about staying safe on the roads, check out our post on Quoted.

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