10 Cars That Are Cheap To Insure AND Fun To Drive

car cheap to insure and fun to drive

When shopping for cars, some people look for the best safety features and latest tech, some want excellent gas mileage, while others focus on how many kids (and kid-accessories) a vehicle can handle. But people who truly love driving want to know how much enjoyment they’ll get from a car: how much fun will it be to drive?

Qualities that make a car fun to drive are different for everyone, of course, and while a car that’s a blast to drive is more than the sum of its parts, there are some measurable qualities most people agree lead to a more enjoyable driving experience. Handling is usually a big one, control is another, as is power (acceleration and total horsepower) and even engine sounds, which as Consumer Reports notes, is another big contributor to driving enjoyment for a lot of us. Others of us derive driving pleasure from more intangible qualities: the way we feel while behind the wheel, wind in our hair, soft leather seats hugging us, comforted by the knowledge that our fun-to-drive car is also affordable (cheap, even!) to insure. We at Quoted think you’d be hard-pressed to find an American driver who wouldn’t be excited by the possibility of a joyful driving experience paired with insurance prices that could actually make a dream car a reality.

Handling, control, power, and even engine sounds make certain cars much more fun to drive.

We all know that insurance coverage varies widely from state to state, city to city, and person to person—and prices can even change a lot for each person based on life events (simply getting married, for instance, saves most people 10-12 percent on their premium right off the bat). If you’re an outlier insurance wise (you’re very young, you’ve stumbled with your credit, or you’ve made a lot of claims), you probably already know that your insurance costs are going to be on the high end, no matter what. But for people with fairly standard crash, claim, and driving history, we can confidently state that the following cars are not only fun to drive, they’re relatively cheap to insure. And just in time for the summer season!

To see just how cheap these cars are to insure, we pulled quotes for a 30-year-old single male renting in Austin’s hottest zip code—78704. For the purposes of this test, all vehicles were 2016 models with financing, and our driver had continuous coverage in the last months and no moving violations. 

Our Cheap-to-Insure Car List:

1. Ford Mustang GT – $912/year

Ford Mustang


2. BMW M235i – $1,188/year

BMW 2 series coupe


3. Chevrolet Corvette – $1,104/year

chevrolet corvette


4. Mini Cooper S – $948/year

mini cooper s hardtop

5. Subaru Impreza WRX – $852/year

subaru wrx

6. Ford Focus – $1,080/year

ford focus

7. Mazda Miata – $768/year

2016 Mazda Mx5 Miata Club


8. Volkswagen Tiguan – $804/year

Volkswagen Tiguan


9. Jeep Wrangler – $768/year

Jeep Wrangler


10. Ford Escape – $828/year

Ford Escape


All cheap-to-insure car quotes were retrieved using TheZebra.com and the same base user profile.