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7 Smart Money Tips from Fintech CEOs & Their Companies


If you work or network within the technology sector, chances are you’ve heard more and more about the concept of fintech. At its core, fintech represents any technological advancement in financial services. It may seem simple, but this intersection of technology and finance is changing the way the world banks. 

Fintech’s growth isn’t slowing down. Per KPMG, fintech companies acquired $111.8 billion globally in investments in 2018. With an industry that grows as fast as fintech, it’s important to pay attention to the biggest players in the space. After all, these are the minds that are challenging the traditional way we think about money.

Check out these fintech companies to watch in 2020 and discover how to bank a little bit better. 


While certain niche industries may come and go, insurance doesn’t. An industry nearly as old as the U.S. itself, insurance is also experiencing a face-lift through fintech — breaking into a space of its own, insurtech. Consider making an upgrade with your insurance policy today and see how much you can save. 


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