Same Day Car Insurance

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Typically, all insurance policies can be described as “same-day car insurance,” just as all quotes are “free” as they typically don’t take a day or cost money to get. If you’re at a dealership and need to show car insurance, you can call any local agency or 1-800 number and get a quote and then purchase a policy within half an hour or so. Furthermore, any auto quote you receive is free for you. Insurance companies love to advertise their quotes as “free,” as if other sites or companies charge you for them. None do, so make sure you don’t pay for anything when shopping around for car insurance.

Despite being able to get an auto quote in one day, there are still some tips you can use to speed up the tedious process. Let's get to it.

How to get car insurance quotes easily and instantly

Make sure you have all the necessary information! If you want the most accurate information, have the following items ready for your quote:

  1. Your and any additional driver's license numbers and associated personal information: This includes date of birth, addresses, living situation, marital status, etc.

  2. Your Car: You will need the VIN, or vehicle identification number, of the vehicle you plan on quoting. Every vehicle, regardless if it’s from a private seller or still at a dealership has a VIN. It is unique to every vehicle and tracks the individual history of the vehicle. If you can’t provide an exact VIN, make sure you can at least provide the year, make, and model. Be aware, however, most insurance companies will not bind a policy (that is to say, create a policy from a quote) without a VIN.

  3. Mileage 

  4. Date of purchase

  5. Name of registered owner

  6. Driving History: Your and any drivers recent driving history including accidents, citations, claims, or completed driving courses.

  7. Insurance Record: Some insurance companies require you have six months to a year of continuous auto insurance prior to issuing a policy with you. So, make sure you have an idea of your insurance background.

Of course, this is not a set-in-stone list of requirements to receive an auto insurance quote. Some insurance companies require less information, while others might require more. Still, if you're looking to get a quote and then a policy within the same phone call, having the above list of items handy will be helpful.

One-Day Car Insurance

Technically, all car insurance is one-day car insurance. Just like, technically, all car insurance is two-day, three-day, and so on. However, this type of practice can land you in a lot of trouble for several reasons.

  1. You may not get your down payment back.
    Typically, when you begin an insurance policy, you make a down payment that is usually 30 days of premium. If you cancel your insurance policy the second day of it’s creation, you’re not always guaranteed to get your money back for that month of premium. 

  2. You are legally required to have insurance.
    Unless you live in New Hampshire, where auto insurance is not legally required to have, you are expected to maintain at minimum the legal liability limit for auto insurance if you own a vehicle. Getting caught driving without insurance will result in ticket and could result in a suspended license.

  3. For a leased or financed vehicle, you are required to have auto insurance.
    If you're leasing or financing your vehicle through the dealership or a bank, they typically require you maintain full coverage on your vehicle in addition to your legal liability limits. Canceling your policy puts your vehicle in danger of repossession if they, meaning your bank or dealership, find out.

  4. No coverage in event of an accident.
    If you're found at-fault after an accident without insurance, you will most likely be ticketed, have your license suspended, and could even be sued for the property or liability damages you caused.

Although car insurance can be expensive, it’s cheaper than the world of trouble you can get yourself in if you’re caught driving uninsured or getting into an accident without insurance. For ways to save on your next car insurance bill, consider shopping around for car insurance