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What is same-day car insurance?

Typically, all insurance policies can be described as “same-day car insurance.” You can shop around for car insurance, find a rate you like, and buy it when you're at the dealership — all in one day. Furthermore, any auto quote you receive should come free of charge. Insurance companies advertise quotes as “free,” implying other sites or companies charge for them. Quotes are complimentary across the board and won't impact your current premium, so don't hesitate to shop around and weigh your options.

If you're looking for same-day free car insurance quotes, we have some tips for you. Below are the average rates for companies that offer same-day car insurance in the US (methodology here). Enter your zip code below to get started. If you're still looking for information, keep reading.

Car Insurance Company6-Month Premium
State Farm$598


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Despite being able to get an auto quote in one day, there are still some tips you can use to speed up this sometimes-tedious process.

Same day auto insurance:
  1. What do I need to have to get an instant car insurance quote?
  2. Can I get cheap one-day car insurance?
  3. Should I buy car insurance before I get a car?
  4. How long does it take to get car insurance?
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What information is required to get a car insurance quote?

In order to get an accurate quote as fast as possible, have the following information available.

  1. Driver's license numbers, date of birth, addresses, living situation, marital status, and other information for any driver on the policy.
  2. The vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle for which you're getting a quote. Every vehicle, regardless of whether it’s from a private seller or still at a dealership, has a VIN. This number is unique to every vehicle, tracking its history. If you can’t provide a VIN, be sure you can provide the year, make, and model. Most insurance companies will not issue a policy from a quote without a VIN.
  3. Mileage on car
  4. Date of purchase of vehicle
  5. Name of registered owner
  6. Recent driving history for any driver listed on the policy, including accidents, citations, claims, or completed driving courses
  7. Details on your insurance background — some companies require at least six months of continuous coverage prior to issuing a policy
  8. Of course, this is not a set-in-stone list of information needed to receive a car insurance quote. If you're at a dealership and need car insurance immediately to drive off the lot, you might be able to simplify this list by just including your information (for example, if you have multiple drivers). Remember to call your insurance company at a later date and update this information. This list will be helpful to have handy if you're wanting instant proof of insurance for your new vehicle.


Understanding "one-day" insurance

Technically, all car insurance is "one-day" car insurance, as you can terminate your policy at any point. However, being covered for a single day can land you in trouble for several reasons.

1. You may not get your down payment back. Most insurance companies require a down payment — at a cost of 30 to 45 days worth of premium. If you cancel your insurance policy the day after it was issued, you won't be guaranteed to get your money back for that month.

2. You are legally required to have insurance unless you live in New Hampshire, where proof of insurance is not a requirement. By canceling your policy in order to leave a dealership you run of the risk of being ticketed for driving without insurance. While rules vary by state, common consequences of driving without insurance include having your vehicle impounded, expensive tickets, and license suspension.

3. Leased and financed vehicles often come with contractually required insurance. If you're leasing or financing your vehicle through the dealership or a bank, they typically require you to maintain full coverage on your vehicle in addition to your legal liability limits. By canceling your policy, you are putting your vehicle in danger of repossession if they (your bank or dealership) find out. Moreover, you could be penalized with what's called forced insurance — where your bank or other lender pays the insurance bill for you, which is then passed on to you. Most of the time, forced coverage is much more expensive than getting insurance yourself.

4. If you're found at-fault after an accident without insurance, you will most likely be ticketed, have your license suspended, and could even be sued for the property or liability damages you caused.

Although car insurance can be expensive, it’s cheaper than the world of trouble you can get yourself into if you’re caught driving uninsured or get into an accident without insurance. The financial responsibility you could face in those circumstances is typically far worse than the insurance premiums you will pay. There are affordable options out there but it may require some searching. Enter your zip code below to see cheap car insurance quotes from hundreds of different national and local companies.


Should I get car insurance before I buy the car?

It depends. If you buy or finance your vehicle through a dealership, a full coverage auto insurance policy may be required in order to drive the vehicle off the lot. Learn how to do this.

This may change if you buy from a private dealer. Some insurance policies have a grace period for coverage extensions for newly acquired vehicles, meaning, the highest level of coverage you have on your vehicle(s) can be extended for a short period of time. If the private dealer does not require you to immediately add the vehicle to your insurance policy, you could buy the vehicle prior to insuring it.


How long does it take to insure a car?

If you're getting a new policy with an insurance company, you should be able to get a car insurance policy in less than an hour. Because you are starting an entirely new policy, you are required to make a down payment in order for your policy to be considered active. The amount of your down payment will depend on your insurance company and your policy preferences.

If you have an established policy with an insurance company, it should only take a few minutes with the help of a knowledgeable agent. Be sure to gather all the necessary information to speed this process up.

Instant car insurance quotes: what to consider

The big thing to think about when it comes to same-day or instant car insurance is that all companies can provide it. If you're looking for car insurance to drive your new vehicle off the lot of the dealership, make sure you have all the information ready to speed the process up. In terms of one-day car insurance, be prepared to take some risks. If you're caught driving without insurance, all the consequences you will face will be much more expensive than an insurance premium.


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In order to find same-day car insurance quotes, we used a 30-year-old male driver with a Honda Accord — a considerably common vehicle in the US. Next, we used every zip code across the US — over 50,000 of them in order to find an average rate. For our coverage, we selected 50/100/50 liability rates with $500 comprehensive and collision coverage limits. These coverage limits are based on the average preferences most consumers have in the US. For more information, see our State of Insurance analysis. 


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