The 7 Side Hustles You Can Do without Moving

lazy side hustles you can do from your couch

We all have days when we want nothing more than to become one with the couch. But for most of us, that’s not an option. Work, family, social, and other obligations call. Still, those dreamy couch naps got us wondering — is there a way I could get paid for this? Well, perhaps not napping (at least that we’ve heard of yet), but there are many side hustles out there to help you get some extra income each month — and they can be done without actually really doing anything at all. Sounds appealing, no? We’ll let you decide. Here are seven of the best side hustles you can do without moving.

1. Donate Plasma

What you could make: Up to $300 per month, depending on location

If you can stomach the thought of being pricked by a needle, donating plasma may just be your best bet for snagging some extra cash. Unlike giving blood, donating plasma has minimal potential for any adverse side effects. The plasma is separated from the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, which the needle in your arm then returns to you.

There are more than 600 plasma donation centers across the U.S. and Europe, so you’re likely to find one in your vicinity. Private centers will let you donate twice in a seven-day period, and usually offer referral bonuses, too. (Note that you will have to answer questions to make sure you’re a healthy donor.) Actual payment varies based on the location, though most places seem to offer about $50-$75 per week. If you’ve got a show to watch or a book to read, you may as well make a little money – and do some good for your fellow humans – while you do it, right?

2. Wait in Line

What you could make: Up to $1,000 per week

Okay for this one you have to move a little bit (at a time, but come on, you’re mostly standing still). To many folks, fewer things in life are more irritating than waiting in line. What if you have to use the bathroom? What if the line is outside and temperatures are below freezing? Or even worse, what if the annoying person in front of you wants to chat? You have better things to do, right?

Well, if that doesn’t describe you, you could make some serious cash by offering to stand in wait for any number of things – concert tickets, the newest iPhone, you name it. Seriously, people will pay you for that.

Robert Samuel, founder of New York-based Same Ole Line Dudes, lost his job in 2012 and put up an ad on Craigslist, offering to stand in line to buy the iPhone 5 for anyone who paid him $100. The original buyer canceled, but still gave Samuel the money. Rather than collecting the Benjamin and leaving, Samuel re-sold his spot, invited friends to come down and stand in line, and brought egg crates for people to sit on. By the following morning, Samuel had made $325 and had the idea for a business now self-identifying as “New York’s Only Professional Line Sitting Team.”

waiting in line as a side hustle

3. Wrap Your Car

What you could make: $100 per month

Do you find yourself often wearing shirts that display a brand on them? Or maybe you like to carry accessories that show off what you’re wearing. Why not take it to the next level and put a brand on your car?

Through sites like Carvertise, you can make $100 a month to drive around with a brand on your side doors and rearview window. The company uses vinyl that’s safe for your car, and having a wrap doesn’t affect your insurance rates, confirms The Zebra’s licensed insurance agent Neil Richardson.

The requirements are pretty basic, too: drivers must drive at least 25 miles a day, have a car model from 2005 or later, have a factory finish paint job, and a clean driving record. You get to pick which brands your car displays, so you can make sure whatever you’re promoting is a product you use and enjoy. (Here are some other ways to make money with car – if you’re into less passive side hustle ideas, that is.)

4. Take Online Surveys and Focus Groups

What you could make: Up to $250 per program

If you’re highly opinionated about what you do during the day, focus groups and online surveys are just the ticket for you. Sites like Plaza Research and Focus Pointe Global are always looking for people to help with market research. Brands pay these companies to conduct studies, and that money comes down to you.

Each focus group begins with a preliminary survey which asks about your interests, how you feel about certain brands, and a few other demographic questions. If you fit the bill, they’ll move you on to the next level – which is where you get paid. Some focus groups require you to travel to a location, but others occur entirely online. All you need is Internet access.

5. Rent Your Garage or Parking Spot

What you could make: Up to $270 per month

It’s a common way of life that people often own more things than they need. Sometimes, those items can take up space that a person just doesn’t have in their home. Luckily, if you find yourself with some extra room to spare, you can rent out your garage to store items for people. Similarly, if your apartment or home comes with a carport and you don’t own a car, you can rent out your spot. This is particularly useful in cities with dense populations, like New York and Chicago.

If you live in certain areas, websites like Spacer can help you list your space for rent. Otherwise, you can search places like Craigslist to see if other people are renting out garages or carports. Renting garages isn’t a permitted practice in every single city, so do a bit of research to see if you can make a little side cash simply from having a clean garage.

rent garage parking spot for side hustles

6. Become an Online Affiliate

What you could make: Up to thousands of dollars per month

Here’s money you can earn while sleeping. The way it works is simple: you promote a product via a link on a web property of yours, and you get a percentage of any sales that come from the site. Amazon Affiliates is the most common option, though there are other avenues for money, such as Rakuten Marketing and CJ Affiliate. (By the way, we’re not doing that now and don’t do that on Quoted.) While each program has different processes, Amazon will offer a portion of any product purchased within 24 hours of clicking the link, not just the promoted product itself.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting the Echo Dot. You share a link on your blog, post about it on Facebook and Twitter, and write an article about it on LinkedIn. Anytime anybody clicks that link and buys something, you make money. Even if they decide an Echo Dot isn’t for them and they instead choose to get a copy of the kids’ book Everyone Poops – you’ll see why we picked this one in a second – you’ll still get a cut of the sale.

However, it’s hard just to share a link and reap thousands of dollars. This option is best suited for someone that already has a blog or often posts about new products. While the earnings can be inconsistent, expect to see bumps in traffic around the holidays, which means more money in your pocket.

7. Sell Your Poop. 

What you could make: $40 per “donation”

Yes, literally sell your isht. Half a million Americans contract C. difficile infections, and 30,000 people die from C. diff-related causes every year. One out of five patients finds that despite antibiotics, the colon infection still returns, affecting their daily lives. However, a new treatment called fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) made from donor stool cures 85% of patients after the first try. Donations either go towards FMT treatments or to centers testing fecal transplantation in disorders like ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Who knew a trip to the bathroom could be beneficial for so many people?

We admit this is the crappiest option on this list. First of all, you can only donate if you’re local to Cambridge or Sommerville, MA. Secondly, there’s a rigorous screening process to determine if you’re the right fit, including health assessments, a stool test, and a blood test. But if you meet all the criteria, you just may become a stool donor for OpenBiome, where you’re not only making money, you’re saving lives while doing it.

Okay, so maybe not all of these options sound appealing to you, but you’ve certainly got options! And many employers now offer workers more flexibility to work remotely from time to time. (Side note: if you operate a business out of your home, with employees or clients visiting, you’ll need special coverage beyond your homeowners insurance, or you could risk getting dropped by your insurance company.) If you have other creative side hustles with low effort or mobility, feel free to add to the conversation in the comments.