The Strangest Driving Laws in the World

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strange driving laws


Laws and regulations govern much of our daily life. Some of these regulations we welcome, while others we may not be so fond of. Either way, they are meant to keep society running as safely and smoothly as possible. However, some laws are just odd. Weird situations occur and governments respond by writing correspondingly strange laws.

This is certainly the case with driving laws. If you’ve ever traveled out of your country — or even just left your state — you know driving styles and infrastructure can differ greatly. Many locations have undergone fundamental changes — from rural to urban or suburban — and old laws can sometimes survive like relics of the societies in which they originated.

We compiled a list of the most bizarre driving laws we could find from around the world. Some are hilarious, some are downright weird, and they are all sure to pique your curiosity. You may even learn about an interesting law in a place to which you're traveling.


strange driving laws around the world


Dealing with weird driving laws isn’t always fun, but laughing at them can be. These laws are meant to keep roads safer, and nothing is more important than safety. Always practice safe driving habits, stay up-to-date on the latest rules of the road, and always make sure your car is insured.

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