The 7 Scariest Ice Driving Videos We’ve Ever Seen

Temps are expected to dip across basically the entire country this week—in advance of the coming winter, here are seven ice driving videos that scared us silly (and a few tips to keep you safe, too.)

How does a high of zero degrees sound? Later this week, parts of Minnesota will be treated to just that, as 50 million people across 24 states will see the coldest weather in a long time over the next several days. Unfortunately, with plummeting temperatures comes the possiblity of winter weather—even The Zebra’s home base of Austin, Texas has a little snow and/or freezing rain in the forecast for Saturday!

If you’ve never found yourself in a YouTube time-suck tunnel of cars trying to navigate tricky, ice-covered roads, let us initiate you: They are awesome in the truest definition of that word, as in, they actually insipre awe and wonder. They are also horrifying, with super slow-motion crunching of metal on metal and drivers who actually have the time to bail out of their cars just like Hollywood stunt doubles. These videos aren’t for the weak at heart, so consider yourself warned. (But also know that no one was hurt in any of these videos! Though surely the drivers were shaken up.) First the videos, then some tips.

7 Truly Horrifying Ice Driving Videos

7. The Brilliant Bus Driver

How this bus driver navigates not one but two pin turns in those kind of conditions is mind-boggling—watch the cars around it pail in comparison with their paltry efforts.

6. The Crowd Participation Award

There are two high points to this video—the charming Russian spoken by its narrators, and the bus that actually makes it through the mess at 1:15 after a gnarly spin.

5. The Pinball

This one is truly exceptional: The car hits all four corners of the same intersection, then slides all the way down a side street. Like the narrating voice says near the end of the clip: “They’re not going to make it through.”

4. The Crazy Farmers on Ice Skates

There might not be much explanation needed here—just watch as first a farmer gal, and then their farmer car, take their turns doing beautiful, beautiful turns and spins on the ice.

3. The Double Trouble

Even snow chains are no match for this particular slope somewhere in Germany—and a particularly good reminder never to park on the street during an ice storm, either!

2. The Novices

Poor Seattle drivers—they get teased mercilessly for their inability to handle tough driving conditions. Oh wait—maybe they totally deserve it?

1. The Big Splash

This one kind of breaks our heart, but at least you see him make it out of the pool…

And Some Ice-Driving Tips

We have a great post on how to really master winter-driving, but here are several quick and dirty tips:

  • Never over-steer. Instead, stay with the direction in which your precious car is already headed.
  • Anti-lock brakes are there for a reason: Stomp on them, let your car rattle and do its thing!
  • Make sure you’re actually driving winter tires with at least a 6/32-inch deep tread.
  • Don’t let your all-wheel drive make you feel like a superhero. Like the folks above demonstrate, ice is, in fact, the great equalizer.